Cover Tapes

C-PAK offers cover tapes from various manufacturers, ensuring compatibility with our own belt materials. The offered top films undergo several tests before approval.

We provide both hot-seal top tape and cold-seal top tape (self-adhesive).

The peel forces are within a narrow range and remain constant over an extended period. The recommended welding parameters for the hot-seal films can be found in the material specifications.

The base material of the top films is polyester. Top films are available in various widths.

Specific widths available for heat-sealable cover tape:

5,3 mm 9,2 mm 9,3 mm 9,5 mm 12,5 mm 13,1 mm 13,3 mm 13,5 mm 21,0 mm 21,3 mm
21,5 mm 25,5 mm 26,5 mm 37,5 mm 49,5 mm 65,5 mm 81,5 mm 97,5 mm 113,5 mm  

Specific widths available for pressure-sensitive adhesive cover tape:

5,3 mm 9,3 mm 13,3 mm 21,3 mm 25,3 mm 25,5 mm 26,3 mm 37,5 mm 49,5 mm 65,5 mm
81,3 mm                  

300 m
500 m
1.000 m (depending on the manufacturer)

You can find specifications for the top films on the manufacturer's pages.

PDF brochure covering carrier tapes, cover tapes, plastic reels, and ESD packaging.

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