Carrier Tapes

For the German-speaking region and Central Europe, K-TECH is the distribution partner of C-PAK. With its headquarters in Singapore and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China, C-PAK is among the world's leading manufacturers of blister belts. Production is carried out in accordance with international standards EIA-481 and IEC-60286.

  • Belt widths:
    Rotational molded belts: 8 mm and 12 mm
    Linear molded belts: 8 mm to 200 mm
  • Pocket depth: up to 25 mm
  • Materials: PS, PC, APET
  • Material thicknesses: 0.2 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.35 mm, 0.40 mm, 0.50 mm

carrier tape small
carrier tape Jumbo
carrier tape double row
several carrier tapes

For standard housings, we have an extensive open tool list with standard belts. Many of these belts are available immediately from K-TECH's Nördlingen warehouse, including single rolls if needed. Take advantage of our large inventory!

For custom components, we can quickly and reliably create a belt proposal drawing for a custom belt. Production and delivery are done in the well-known C-PAK quality.

We would be happy to find the right blister belts for your components. Feel free to send us an inquiry with no obligation.

Blister Belt Jumbo

Whether you need belts with very small, flat pockets for packaging Bare Dies or belts with deep, sturdy pockets for connector strips, C-PAK and K-TECH blister belts are the right choice!

At our company location in Nördlingen, we have a large blister belt production facility. Quality "made in Germany."


Production at the company location in Nördlingen/Germany

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